Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance involves the processes and procedures used to manage the business affairs of a company and includes the structure and balance of power between the management and board. Below are copies of certain of our corporate governance policies.

Code of Conduct
Compensation Committee Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter
Regulatory Compliance & Insider Trading Policy

Paltalk Whistleblower Policy

At Paltalk we are committed to always doing the right thing. That is why we have adopted the attached Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The Code is specifically designed to be part of an effective program to prevent and detect violations of law and improper conduct. Employees are encouraged to discuss any questions related to this Code with their supervisor or with the CEO and/or General Counsel.

Employees who believe they are aware of a violation of the Code are expected and encouraged to report their concerns. Regular business matters that do not require anonymity should be directed to the employee’s supervisor or the HR Department and should not be submitted using this service.

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