Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Drive Strong Mobile Growth for AYI Dating App

NEW YORKJune 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- AYI, owned by Snap Interactive, Inc. (OTCBB: STVI) or SNAP, is pleased to report strong mobile growth on its iOS and Android platforms with downloads increasing more than 200% on both platforms in May 2013 as compared to April 2013.  New subscriber counts also increased by 91% for the iOS platform and by 147% for the Android platform in May 2013 as compared to April 2013.   SNAP believes that the increases are primarily attributable to increased marketing on the iOS and Android platforms through Facebook's Mobile App Install Ads.

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AYI's recent mobile initiatives have included the launch of its first native Android application in April 2013, significant upgrades to the iOS platform in May 2013, and increased acquisition of users on its mobile platforms through paid acquisition channels in May 2013.  As a result of these initiatives, AYI believes that it is now in a much better position to acquire and monetize users on all mobile platforms by leveraging Facebook's Mobile App Install Ads.

SNAP's Chief Executive Officer Clifford Lerner commented, "Having a native experience on iOS and Android, in addition to having a large number of Facebook application users, gives us new opportunities to acquire and re-engage mobile users by leveraging Facebook's Mobile App Install Ads.  Facebook has such a large scale of mobile users throughout the world that when you combine the scale with the robust targeting abilities of Facebook's product, we see many opportunities to grow our mobile offerings with a positive return on investment."

Facebook's Mobile App Install Ads enable us to target users on very granular levels including by age, gender, location, and even a user's specific interests.  These targeted ads appear in a user's newsfeed on their mobile device. When an ad is clicked, a user is taken directly to the application download page in the iTunes app store or Google Play store which allows for easy installation of our application.

Lerner continued, "We are not aware of any other product on the market which allows us to acquire the specific demographic of dating users on mobile devices while also providing the level of granular targeting that  Facebook Mobile App Install Ads provide.  Our native mobile apps are also deeply integrated with Facebook, opening up many opportunities for us to acquire and engage with users through organic, social channels, in addition to Mobile App Install Ads."

AYI has an exciting product roadmap ahead for its mobile applications highlighted by the continued integration of AYI's popular friends of friends feature into the mobile experience.  Upcoming mobile features are expected to include displaying mutual friends in a user's profile and allowing users to browse friends of friends on their mobile devices.  AYI also plans to launch push notifications for key events on its Android application for the first time.

Some recent AYI mobile statistics include:

  • Android total downloads totaled 961,000 on June 11th;
  • iOS total downloads of over 4.0 million as of June 11th;
  • AYI's iOS application is the #14 top grossing application in the category of U.S. social networking as of June 11th 2013;
  • New subscribers to the iOS and Android applications increased 91% and 147%, respectively, in May 2013 compared to April 2013; and
  • iOS and Android logins represented approximately 15% of daily logins in May 2013.

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