PeerStream Announces Private Beta Launch of Backchannel, a Video Messaging App Focusing on Privacy and Security

Fully Decentralized Version Utilizing Blockchain Technology Expected to Launch in 2019

NEW YORK, NY, Dec. 20, 2018 via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- PeerStream, Inc. (“PeerStream,” the “Company,” “we,” “our” or “us”) (OTCQB:PEER), a global internet solutions provider driving adoption of emerging blockchain technologies, today announced that it has released the private beta launch of Backchannel, the Company’s video messaging app built to be powered by blockchain technology targeting privacy and security minded end users.

Accessible by invitation only, the Backchannel private beta release demos the live video communication experience of Backchannel and requires no personally identifiable information for sign-up. Future releases contemplated for 2019 will include integration with PeerStream Protocol (“PSP”), a multimedia communication technology with privacy and security features, that is also under development. Backchannel will be the first app to utilize PSP and build upon its decentralized media routing capabilities.  

“This is a significant achievement in the trajectory of the Backchannel application.  Privacy is continuing to be a growing concern for both consumers and businesses and digital-based messaging is primarily how people and enterprises connect today.  This is a meaningful step towards ensuring those communications are resistant to censorship and reducing exposure to the sharing of sensitive information or Intellectual Property.  Beyond using proven cryptographic methods, Backchannel will soon take advantage of our custom networking protocol, PSP, establishing secure and trusted routes within a decentralized Blockchain. This differentiating feature serves to obfuscate the identities and locations of Backchannel users, even to the network itself.  We look forward to announcing the next release powered by PSP on the ProximaX Blockchain testnet within the next several months,” said Eric Sackowitz, Chief Technology Officer of PeerStream.

About PeerStream, Inc. (OTCQB: PEER)

PeerStream is a global internet solutions provider pioneering the real-world adoption of emerging blockchain technologies by developing software, services and applications for corporate clients and consumers. The Company’s Business Solutions group is able to provide advisory and implementation services to enterprise clients to help them meet strategic objectives using blockchain technology. PeerStream also will be supporting clients’ transition to blockchain through license of proprietary software such as PeerStream Protocol (“PSP”), a protocol for decentralized multimedia communications and live video streaming currently in development. For nearly twenty years, the Company has built and continues to operate innovative consumer apps, including Paltalk, one of the largest live video social communities, and Backchannel, a blockchain-based secure video messaging app launched in private beta form in December 2018. PeerStream has a long history of technology innovation and holds 26 patents.

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