What Women Want: Women On AYI Are 41% More Likely To Start A Conversation With A Man When They Have A Friend In Common

NEW YORKApril 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SNAP Interactive, Inc. ("SNAP") (OTCBB: STVI ), creator of AYI is excited to announce that women in the US are 41% more likely to connect* with a man when they have a friend in common.  The friend of friend feature, launched in early March, is aimed at enhancing the online dating experience and continues to show compelling data, particularly around the engagement of women on AYI.  AYI believes that the recent data reinforces its decision to shift toward integrating friends into the online dating experience.

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Some recent engagement statistics regarding women and the new friend of friend feature on AYI include that:

  • Over 5,000 women have messaged a friend on Facebook about a potential date on AYI;
  • Over 150,000 connections have been initiated by women when they have a friend in common;
  • Approximately 3 million women on AYI have friend of friend search results; and
  • New York City women are most likely to message their friend about a date beforehand.

"Meeting through friends is a feature that women have been craving in online dating," said SNAP's President and Chief Executive Officer Clifford Lerner.  "Women are instinctively cautious when it comes to online dating and they want a measure of comfort and security.  Meeting someone with whom they share a mutual friend is a terrific way to build trust and helps to give them the comfort they're looking for.  We believe that the data supports this conclusion as over 5,000 women have messaged their friends to learn about a potential date on AYI, with over 150,000 connections that have been initiated by women when there is a friend in common."

Lerner adds, "Our mission at AYI is to improve the online dating experience.  Enabling women to meet through mutual friends seemed like a natural fit, given that 55% of them who have dated online report having a bad experience and 56% report that their date lied on their profile. We're thrilled that AYI's scale and tens of millions of Facebook-connected profiles put us in the position of being able to deliver an experience that we believe will drastically improve the online dating experience.  One of the pleasant surprises of the new feature is the engagement of single women over the age of 40.  Women over age 40 are 71% more likely to message a man and women over age 55 are 94% more likely to message men when there is a friend in common."

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